Splitting off the digital releases…

White-rumped-vultures-001The money-hungry vultures of the music industry have finally discovered the digital world called “the internet”. This could have been a good thing but, as was to be expected, the music industry pests have found a way to exploit and totally corrupt this great medium.

Instead of bringing you quality releases in new ways that only the internet could offer, they are now infesting the web with old stuff disguised as new and re-re-re-releasing the same music again and again and again in new compilations or often just with some new cover art. Instead of taking advantage of all the great possibilities of the digital age, these blood sucking parasites just sit on their lazy asses and enter the very same compilation or album in all different online stores dozens of times with just a few minor changes, like different cover art that doesn’t even have to match what’s on the actual compilation or by just using another alias for the very same artist.

We at starink.wiki cannot keep up any longer with the literally hundreds of releases in numerous digital stores, finding “new” stuff again and again day after day. We will be splitting off all the digital releases from the actual physical albums in the discography pages and maybe even completely drop the entire digital release section in the future.

If you have anything to add, dispute or question about this matter, please use the forum or the Facebook Group.

A few things we would like to discuss with you…

1. Should we link the tracks in the track listings to the actual tracks in the discography? If we would, this would result in backlinks from every single track to dozens of albums that don’t even exist in the real world. Instead of a list of about 5 REAL CD’s that hold a particular track, we will probably end up with lists of 50 different compilations that hold popular tracks.

2. Should we provide links to popular digital stores where this music can be bought on the album pages and the individual track pages? While we would love to promote Ed’s music, we don’t particularly like the idea of filling the money bags of the vultures even further. We don’t really believe that Ed will see a single penny of these digital sales.

3. If Ed doesn’t receive a penny for these tracks, should we provide our members with free downloads of these digital releases?

Please have your say in this.

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