Breaking down the wiki…

We made some changes to the wiki again. Some will probably not be liked by many, but we had reasons to do so.

  • We moved the wiki to a personal home server. The traffic was so minimal, we didn’t feel like justifying the cost of a professional hosting any longer. This might negatively affect the performance of the site. This is something the one real visitor per day will have to live with and the 15+ search- and indexing engines most probably won’t mind.
  • We deleted almost all the user accounts and removed the option to register new accounts. Most accounts were only registered to get better audio quality and nobody contributed to the wiki. We are not Spotify or Deezer.
  • The feedback option has been removed. You can contact us via Facebook or email if you have any questions.
  • Ed has been removed from the URL. Existing links to will still work, but the site itself will not operate on primarily.

Problem with audio player fixed…

Seems like the problems with the embedded audio player have been fixed. An automatic update of the CMS crippled some of our own coding that was referencing a stylesheet version that got removed in the update. To prevent problem like these from happening again without our notice, we have disabled the automatic updates so we can monitor what happens instead of having to wait for members to alert us.

Deleted hundreds of Track Pages from the database…

When cleaning out the Wiki, we ended up in some sort of chain reaction when deleting track pages! For example, when we found that “20 Melodies De France” was not produced by Ed Starink, we removed all the tracks from the wiki that only appeared on this particular album. But by doing so, many of the remaining tracks happened to only appear on just one other album, which then turned out to have no Ed Starink work also. When deleting all tracks from that album we went in a loop of yet another series of pages only appearing on one album.

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Been almost a year…

Yes, that’s right. This site has been abandoned for almost a year now, but we recently moved it back to its previous domain and cleaned things up a bit. So without further ado, here’s a small list of things we have been changing in the past few days:

  • Replaced the static Wikipedia front page with this news and updates page.
  • Removed all the wikipedia inline references.
  • Removed the Interviews section,
  • Removed the Photo Gallery section.
  • Uploaded a lot of new audio.
  • Added annoying fly-in notifications on selected pages.
  • Introduced a “Digital Wastebin” and put some dubious albums in it.
  • Deleted some orphan tracks that appeared on no album at all.
  • Some overal code cleaning and database scrubbing.
  • Any page that has related info in the Facebook group will have a link to that post.
  • Deleted old news with only expired information.
  • Re-enabled the comment section on album and track pages.
  • Removed the to-do list function. It wasn’t working as expected.
  • Finally, we deleted all the Feedback messages. Start out fresh and new!

Back once again…

Hello there. It’s been over a year since our previous post and it seems only likely that it will take another year before our next post. Anyhow… the Ed Starink Wiki has been down for several months again due to another “webhost swapping party”, did you miss us?

Thanks to the persuasive physical arguments made by Angelique, the Wiki is now back online once again. Can’t promise you it’ll be updated that much, but we’ll do our best. If someone feels the need to get access to the Wiki to be able to update it, feel free to drop me a line.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back to you in about another year.

Synthesizer Greatest @ Facebook

Hello everybody!

You may be interested in the official Facebook group of Synthesizer Greatest:

You’ll need a Facebook account to access this group.

Further we would like to point your attention to the official Facebook site of Ed Starink:

We will like your like…

Thanks and have a great time!

Kind regards,


Forums, Groups and Polls Closed and Removed…

Due to the obvious lack of interest, the Forums, Groups and Polls on this Wiki have been disabled and removed from the site. In well over 6 months, not a single post or reply was made and only 3 members ever used the Polls. I’ll be looking into a new system for members to contribute to this Wiki, although I’m a little skeptic about that happening at all either. If you have any questions or remarks, you can use the new Feedback function to be found on the right border of the site.

Splitting off the digital releases…

White-rumped-vultures-001The money-hungry vultures of the music industry have finally discovered the digital world called “the internet”. This could have been a good thing but, as was to be expected, the music industry pests have found a way to exploit and totally corrupt this great medium.

Instead of bringing you quality releases in new ways that only the internet could offer, they are now infesting the web with old stuff disguised as new and re-re-re-releasing the same music again and again and again in new compilations or often just with some new cover art. Instead of taking advantage of all the great possibilities of the digital age, these blood sucking parasites just sit on their lazy asses and enter the very same compilation or album in all different online stores dozens of times with just a few minor changes, like different cover art that doesn’t even have to match what’s on the actual compilation or by just using another alias for the very same artist.

We at cannot keep up any longer with the literally hundreds of releases in numerous digital stores, finding “new” stuff again and again day after day. We will be splitting off all the digital releases from the actual physical albums in the discography pages and maybe even completely drop the entire digital release section in the future.

If you have anything to add, dispute or question about this matter, please use the forum or the Facebook Group.

A few things we would like to discuss with you…

1. Should we link the tracks in the track listings to the actual tracks in the discography? If we would, this would result in backlinks from every single track to dozens of albums that don’t even exist in the real world. Instead of a list of about 5 REAL CD’s that hold a particular track, we will probably end up with lists of 50 different compilations that hold popular tracks.

2. Should we provide links to popular digital stores where this music can be bought on the album pages and the individual track pages? While we would love to promote Ed’s music, we don’t particularly like the idea of filling the money bags of the vultures even further. We don’t really believe that Ed will see a single penny of these digital sales.

3. If Ed doesn’t receive a penny for these tracks, should we provide our members with free downloads of these digital releases?

Please have your say in this.