Been almost a year…

Yes, that’s right. This site has been abandoned for almost a year now, but we recently moved it back to its previous domain and cleaned things up a bit. So without further ado, here’s a small list of things we have been changing in the past few days:

  • Replaced the static Wikipedia front page with this news and updates page.
  • Removed all the wikipedia inline references.
  • Removed the Interviews section,
  • Removed the Photo Gallery section.
  • Uploaded a lot of new audio.
  • Added annoying fly-in notifications on selected pages.
  • Introduced a “Digital Wastebin” and put some dubious albums in it.
  • Deleted some orphan tracks that appeared on no album at all.
  • Some overal code cleaning and database scrubbing.
  • Any page that has related info in the Facebook group will have a link to that post.
  • Deleted old news with only expired information.
  • Re-enabled the comment section on album and track pages.
  • Removed the to-do list function. It wasn’t working as expected.
  • Finally, we deleted all the Feedback messages. Start out fresh and new!

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