3 thoughts on “Film & TV Hits 3

  1. I don’t normally question your knowledge of Ed Starink works, but this time I do. What about tracks like Grease, Stayin’ Alive, Absolute Beginners and Twins? They appear on no single album but this crappy unknown one. That is VERY unlike Ed Starink releases, which normally appear on at least 10 different albums to squeeze every last penny out of customers.

  2. You got a point here… Ghostbusters was done by Ed as well as Eye of the Tiger.

    Grease, Stayin Alive, Absolute Beginners and Twins: it’s possible that they (Arcade) choosed tracks/songs which appeared in these movies or these are tracks from (an)other artist(s). Unfortunately I don’t own this particular album. But it’s most likely that these 4 tracks are not made by Ed or one of his affiliates.

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